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I have known Jacqueline for many years and I expected her ‘Body Mechanic’ presentation to be excellent. It met every expectation and more. Elements such as ABC (alignment, breathing and core) were very well introduced and practiced by every student in the room. I found that Grade 8 students care about their appearance and the fact of looking and feeling better now and for the many years to come was a most helpful tool. At Central Middle school, we benefited from 2 one-hour sessions and it covered the basics and left my students wanting more information and practice.


- Roger Duval, Phys Ed Teacher 

(Central Middle School, Victoria, BC)




The biomechanics presentation was practical, age-appropriate, and met components of both the science and physical education curriculum. Students were able to see how their regular, everyday movements will have an impact on future health. Common causes of posture related health concerns were covered, related to the age, and practical, preventative measures were demonstrated and discussed. Overall, a very informative presentation.


- Ben Stanchfield, Phys Ed Teacher

(Royal Oak Middle School, Victoria, BC)




I approached Jacqueline Sloan after a specialist told my 14 year old daughter that her scoliosis was worsening and would very likely require a back brace. X-rays showed that my daughter's spinal curvature had jumped about seven degrees in a six-month period to 21 degrees. At 25 degrees, a back brace would be required. But Jacqueline suggested that the strength of my daughter's muscles could do the work of a back brace in keeping her spine in proper alignment. We immediately began working with Jacqueline, who used principles of physiotherapy and Stott Pilates, on exercises aimed at lengthening the spine and improving posture to reduce the curvature. Just four months later, an x-ray showed that my daughter's curvature had been reduced to 18 degrees — something that many in the medical community had suggested would not be possible. Our family is so grateful to Jacqueline for the expertise and commitment she brought to our situation through her Body Mechanics for Kids program. During one-on-one sessions and later through group Pilates lessons, I have been so impressed by Jacqueline's approach, which is highly customized to my daughter's unique body and needs. There is no question in my mind that the exercises Jacqueline assigned and her instruction on correct posture and body awareness led to a distinct lessening of my daughter's curvature. If we had not met Jacqueline there is no doubt in my mind that my daughter would be wearing a back brace today and over the next two years. Six months after our initial visit, my daughter wants to continue taking Pilates lessons with Jacqueline, to further improve her curvature, strength and posture into adulthood.


- Anne Tolson, Parent




I came to see Jacqueline with a 30+yr history of chronic back pain and clinically significant scoliosis, resulting in a 2 1/2 inches drop in height and affecting  standing, walking, sitting, sleep and breathing. I was referred by a physiotherapist. My hope was that the progression of my scoliosis be halted. I was not expecting improvement. At this point, the pain in my back is minimal and intermittent and the scoliosis greatly improved resulting in a 2 inch increase in height and improvement in all activities.


I have been working with Jacqueline on a one to one basis and in a small class setting of 4 or 5 people between the ages of 20 and 70yrs for the last few years now. The majority have scoliosis but all are receiving rehabilitation for significant physical problems. We all come with different  abilities and levels of understanding of how the body works. Jacqueline relates well to and clearly enjoys people of all ages. Her instructions are clear. Although the work to be done is serious, it is delivered in an enjoyable and encouraging fashion. She is never impatient. She appears to have an intuitive understanding of body mechanics, on top of a solid base of factual knowledge, which gives her the ability to address individual needs. Even in the class setting, moves and exercises are adapted to the individual. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly.


- Linda Thomson, MD 

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