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Our programs are designed for teachers and coaches of youth 12-14 years of age. They focus on providing teachers with physical literacy material that may be missing from their education curriculum and that is essential to understanding how to properly maintain the body. It can be used as a supplement in both Science and PhysEd programming with a little Social Studies thrown in. 





      Professional Development for Teachers


      Anatomy for Life, Middle School Curriculum  

  • 5-hours, in house instruction

  • comprehensive manual

  • on-line resources and videos



        In-Class Workshops for Students ​ 

       Grades 6-8: (2 x 30 mins; or 1 x 1 hour)


       The In-Class Workshops with the students are an introduction to the

       BMK material presented in the teacher's course. They demontrate the range 

       and subject matter that is addressed in the course.

       The first half of the presentation focuses on body awareness, posture, basic anatomy review and breathing.

       The second half of the presentation focuses on correct core engagement and introduces simple stability exercises.

       (BMK provides light equipment and web-based multi-media.)



Teach skills that help students recognize good posture, avoid unnecessary

wear and tear on their bodies and prevent injuries and chronic pain.

Body Mechanics for Kids
Building bodies that last
                           "The exercises Jacqueline assigned, and her instruction on correct posture and body awareness,
                  led to a distinct lessening of my daughter's curvature. If we had not met Jacqueline, there is no doubt
                  in my mind that my daughter would be wearing a back brace today and over the next two years. Six
                  months after our initial visit, my daughter wants to continue taking lessons with Jacqueline to furth-
                  -er improve her curvature, strength and posture into adulthood."    - Anne Tolson, Parent
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