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Body mechanics for Kids

Building bodies that last



"I found that Grade 8 students care about their bodies, and tools to help look and feel better now and for the many years to come were most helpful ."

R. Duval, Central Middle School , Victoria, BC





Our Mission
To fill the gap missing in childhood physical literacy on structural support and stability. 
Building bodies that last


Courses & Resources


  • Professional Development Courses

  • In-Class Workshops

  • Web-based Resource Material


Educating teachers, coaches and kids on how to obtain and maintain optimum postural alignment and support in action, through research and exercise

Meet Our Instructors

Jacqueline Sloan, Founder, PTA

National Ballet of Canada

Christy Mader, BSc. RMT

Ultimate Frisbee National Team

Gabriel Shaw, BSc.KIN.

Martial Arts Instructor


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