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Professional Development For Middle School:


Module #1: Anatomy for Life, The Way to Physical Literacy


                   Phys Ed, Science and Social Studies


  • In this 5-hour course you will learn how to help your students look at their posture and physical habits that are already forming in their life. You will be provided with research and exploration topics and material about what is currently happening to people's bodies as they age. (Social Studies) 

  • You and your students will review some basic anatomy focussing on the practical function of the parts and how the body works together. There will be new but essential terms for you and your students to study helping them to understand the language of movement, i.e. Range of Motion, Flexion, Extension, etc, and how to apply them. (Science)

  • We focus on teaching what optimum postural alignment looks and feels like. Learn breathing, core and stabilization exercises that will help to protect the joints and keep the muscles around them balanced. Apply your knowledge of basic anatomy to healthy functional movement. These skills will help your student throughout their lives to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of their bodies, and prevent injury and chronic pain. (Phys. Ed.)


  • This module is equipped with a comprehensive manual and on-line video resources to help you translate the material into your classes.


  • In-Class Workshops with your students can kick start new programming.(outside funding for workshops may be available upon request)


Modules #2, 3:  Basic Training - The Routine

                         Physical Education 


  • Muscle memory is built on repetition. Learn different exercise routines that will build better confidence and strength in your students and their ability to establish correct posture patterns. 

  • Pre-game Warm ups,

  • Exercise Routines, levels 1, 2, 3,

  • Specialized sports options

  • each course 3 hours











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