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About us


  • Body Mechanics for Kids teaches training courses for teachers and students and advocates for improved healthcare through education. Courses focus on structural stability for the moving body, and personal accountability through awareness.


  • Our mission is to fill the gap missing in physical literacy that leaves youth vulnerable to injury and long term physical dysfunction and/or chronic pain. As well as teaching kids how to move, we need to teach them how to hold themselves together properly.


      By middle school students recognize that their bodies are changing. In this time of growth kids can feel a little lost in or disconnected from their bodies. Their sense of coordination and control needs to change to accommodate this growth. This stage of life can also coincide for some, with an increase in skill level and intensity of their chosen physical discipline(s) or quite the opposite, with the computer generation. Either way there is a need at this time to evaluate the path, i.e habits, muscle memory and conditioning their bodies are starting to take on. This age can determine how they prepare for the challenge of entering adulthood and it's responsibilities, where sometimes their bodies can get neglected.


    We feel that in early adolescence students have developed their capacity for critical-thinking, self-assessment and problem-solving enough to develop an awareness around what is happening, and what will happen to their bodies structurally. Teaching students about proper structural support, core strength and integrated breathing, and to regularly evaluate their physical routine, can save them years of pain and therapy. Habits creep up on all of us.


     Our courses strive to teach you how to teach our youth what optimum posture alignment looks and feels like in action and in the workplace.

Structural support and balanced conditioning are the best preventative elements to long-term health and mobility. We can take our bodies for granted up to a point -  eventually they start breaking down. We all see too many adults in chronic pain and dis-ease.


Help build bodies that last.







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